Working People United Against Racism

Astazi am trimis, alaturi de Corina Cretu, un mesaj de sprijin catre Comitetul Nord-Irlandez al Congresului Irlandez al Sindicatelor, cea mai puternica structura sindicala din Irlanda si Irlanda de Nord, care organizeaza pe 2 iulie la Belfast un miting de protest impotriva rasismului.

Actiunea, intitulata “Muncitorii uniti impotriva rasismului” (Working People United Against Racism), este o modalitate prin care organizatia sindicala isi manifesta solidaritatea cu imigrantii romani, dar si polonezi si indieni care au fost recent victimele unor atacuri din partea unor grupari extremiste din capitala nord-irlandeza.

Reprezentantii sindicalistilor ne-au multumit pentru mesaj si ne-au anuntat ca el va fi citit in cadrul mitingului de maine.

Mai jos, textul integral al scrisorii.

To: The Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions

‘As we have closely followed the recent events in Belfast involving Romanian citizens, we found out about the “Working People United Against Racism” protest rally, organised by The Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Please allow us to express the deepest appreciation for the support your organization has shown our citizens. Your resolve to stand up against racism is a lesson to all Europe and the kindness that the Belfast community as a whole has shown will not be forgotten.

We are aware of your deep fears that racism may become the new sectarianism, which has inflicted profound wounds on the soul of your nation. But the determination and tenacity which the Belfast people have shown in the face of this new danger is a sure sign that you are ready to stand up to it and defeat it.

We, Romanians, are no stranger to historic wounds, and as you know only fairly recently – in 2007 – have we managed to join the EU and shape a better future for ourselves. Ever since the borders of Europe have opened for us, our people – honest, hardworking and earnest – have suffered because of the bad name a handful of them have brought upon the whole group. As a result, Romanians have many times suffered, being subjected to stereotyping. You have been the first community not only to integrate them, but also to protect them when they were found under unjust attack. You chose to defend them from a disease that perpetually threatens our society – racism. And we thank you for that.

You have also talked of the real threat to the wellbeing of the migrant workers – from exploitative employers or others who seek to take advantage of them. We have already encountered that in other countries of the EU and are currently working, within the European Parliament, towards a better definition of the seasonal and migrant workers’ rights.

By showing kindness and humanity to this people, you have shown respect to Romania and have taught everyone a lesson. That is why we would like to thank you. Please send our message of gratitude and solidarity to all your colleagues and to all the people who will participate in your rally on Thursday.

We would also like to stay in touch with you and share advice and guidance concerning the best possible ways to work together in order to prevent any issues regarding immigrant integration. We would like to learn from your experience and we would also like to find out your views with reference to the UK barriers still standing against Romanian workers.

Respectfully yours,

Daciana Sarbu, MEP, PSE, Romania

Corina Cretu, MEP, PSE, Romania

3 gânduri despre “Working People United Against Racism

  1. ce legatura are rasismul cu niste tensiuni sociale? mi se pare ca este vorba de o manipulare grosolana si de o eroare bine gndita pentru ca emigrantii sud-est europeni sunt tot albi, deci unde este rasismul? preluam prosteste niste clisee fara sa le intelegem sensul….

  2. Atacurile din Belfast apartineau unei grupari fasciste, al carei obiectiv este „Keep Britain white British”. Rasismul este destul de evident, ma gandesc eu…
    Si, daca s-ar putea, mai usor cu adverbele, dialogul e civilizat aici pe blog.

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