„Puterea loveste societatea civila care nu este de acord cu politicile sale anti-mediu”

„Bruxelles, 13 iulie 2010

Eurodeputata PSD Daciana Sarbu, membra a Comisiei pentru mediu, sanatate publica si siguranta alimentara a Parlamentului European (ENVI), condamna marginalizarea, de catre premierul Emil Boc, a ONG-urilor de mediu care se opun proiectului Rosia Montana. Cel mai recent caz este indepartarea Laviniei Andrei, presedinta Fundatiei Terra Mileniul III, din componenta Comitetului Economic si Social European (CESE).

Membra a CESE din 2007, Lavinia Andrei a prezentat in fata acestui for european cazul Rosia Montana si s-a implicat activ in sprijinirea la Bruxelles a rezolutiei anti-cianuri, in primavara acestui an. Fara consultari prealabile cu societatea civila si fara o justificare legitima, premierul Boc a exclus-o de pe lista membrilor CESE din partea Romaniei, protejand astfel proiectul minier Rosia Montana.

Comitetul Economic si Social European de la Bruxelles este un for consultativ, menit – printre altele – sa consolideze rolul societatii civile  in definirea politicilor europene. Prin astfel de acțiuni, autoritatile de la Bucuresti nu numai ca slabesc vocea societatii civile, dar manifesta dispret si desconsiderare fata de munca ONG-urilor romanesti. Sustinerea asumata deschis de catre guvern a proiectului Rosia Montana determina astfel persecutarea unor organizatii de mediu care urmaresc protejarea acestei regiuni, dezvoltarea sa durabila si crearea de sanse reale pentru oamenii din zona.

Daciana Sarbu solicita premierului Boc sa inceteze marginalizarea ONG-urilor de mediu care doresc salvarea regiunii Rosia Montana. “Dupa atacurile absurde la adresa presei, numita pericol pentru securitatea nationala fiindca se exprima critic, acum puterea loveste si societatea civila care nu este de acord cu politicile sale anti-mediu. Reactia autoritatilor la critici este incercarea de sufocare a acestora, o atitudine profund nedemocratica si nedreapta”, a declarat Daciana Sarbu.

Eurodeputata a adresat Consiliului UE o intrebare scrisa, prin care atrage atentia forului european asupra tentativelor de politizare a nominalizarii membrilor CESE.

Daciana Sarbu este autoarea rezolutiei grupului socialist din PE cu privire la interzicerea cianurilor in minerit, initiativa adoptata in mai 2010 cu o majoritate covarsitoare, de 488 de voturi”.

Apelul transmis de Lavinia Andrei tuturor membrilor Parlamentului European:

„I decided to write to you because you could be considered in your capacity as “guilty” as I was considered by the Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc in my capacity. 
My name is Lavinia Andrei and I am the president of the Foundation TERRA Mileniul III Romania, and I like to define myself as an environmental activist, working in this field since 1993. Due to my work and dedication, I became one of leaders of the environmental NGOs movement in my country and I am running together with my colleagues many environmental campaigns, including the one called “Saving Rosia Monatana”.  
I know that you are familiarized with this subject, because some of your Romanian colleagues, who are listening to the voice of civil society and are concerned about environment, already presented you the situation in my country.
Also, two months ago the Romanian Environmental Coalition wishing to applaud you for voting on the resolution “Cyanide mining technology should be banned in the EU”, sent you a thanks message.
Since 2007, I am a member of the European Economic and Social Committee – group 3 (being elected by my constituency), where also I try to bring my experience and my contribution to the best I can. I brought with me in Brussels, also the Rosia Montana subject and I exposed it in the plenary EESC and also in the meeting with the Commissioner  for the Environment two day ago (a short report of my activity in EESC is attached).
For my work there, environmental NGOs community decided to re-nominate me for the next mandate 2010- 2015.
Unfortunately, the Romanian Prime Minister Boc, by a unilateral act and without any consultation with the civil society withdraw my name from the list, due to the fact that I am opposing to this dangerous project on gold mining in Rosia Montana (that is considered a strategic project in his governing program) and added the name of another person considered to be closed with the present party in power and who was not nominated by any constituency. 
Apart from this, the present Minister of Economy and former Mayor of Bucharest Adriean Videanu, during his last days in the City Hall of Bucharest (2008) sued my NGO and asked for its closure, due to the fact that we opposed to an illegal and very expensive project (Basarab overpass). The illegality of this project was decided by the Court of Justice in Bucharest, which canceled some construction documents, following our NGO’s intervention.
This, however, turned out not to be a problem for the “Boc Government” as it cancelled the decision of the Bucharest Court of Justice through a Governmental Decision. 
The fact that I am considered so inconvenient for the Romanian Government, makes me proud of my activity and motivates me to continue to be an activist.
The real reason for writing to you is because I realized that there are two different Europe in the same territory. My case is not a singular one and I know also other colleague of mine from different MSs that are facing similar situations with their PMs.
Because Europe has new and solid base for democracy and, we all engaged to respect the Treaty of Lisbon, including “to make the EU more democratic by giving citizens a more direct say in its policies”, we all have the duties to assure the way how this could be achieved.
In your capacity, for the near future, you could find a way to avoid political nominations in the EESC that should remain an institution of the civil society, where the nomination should be based on the person reputation, competency, and representation in the civil society.
If we all couldn’t find real solutions for empowering civil society in Europe, the Treaty of Lisbon will remain only on paper.
With consideration,
Lavinia Andrei”


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  1. Înţeleg că dl. Janez Potocnik, Comisarul European pentru Mediu, este de părere că interzicerea cianurilor nu este justificată. Părerea comisarului european este sau nu este peste votul Parlamentului European?

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